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Korkyra 650

Create lasting memories

The catamaran’s sleek and modern aesthetic inspires confidence from the moment you step aboard, but it isn’t just for show; it contributes to its overall performance on the water.

ROTO 450s

Fast, compact, extremely stable

Due to the advanced design and unique production process, the ROTO 450s is extremely easy to handle, robust, stable and reliable with a high degree of security and safety for users.

3-layer technology

Exceptional rigidity of the hull despite low weight

Innovative 3-Layer Technology represents a cutting-edge approach to material design, featuring a triple-layered construction that combines strength, flexibility, and environmental consciousness.

See how our 3-layer technology works:

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Renowned journalist enjoys ROTO nautic experience

Renowned journalist Regan Tetlow stopped at the company Roto during his visit to Slovenia.

He tried the ROTO 450S with interest.

Watch the video to see what he discovered.


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