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An unparalleled experience on the water

Korkyra 650 - catamaran prototype

A versatile masterpiece

The catamaran’s sleek and modern aesthetic isn’t just for show; it contributes to its overall performance on the water.

Whether you’re seeking high-speed thrills, tranquil sunset cruises, or weekend getaways with friends and family, this catamaran is engineered to accommodate a diverse range of experiences.

Catamaran Models


Length650 cm

Width240 cm

Max. number of people10

Electrical engine

Single engine: up to 40 kW
Double engine: up to 2×20 kW

Available models

1. Single engine
2. Single engine with front loading platform
3. Double engine
4. Double engine with front loading platform

Height239 cm

Weight without engine820 kg

Boat categoryC / D

Gasoline engine

Single engine: up to 140 hp
Double engine: up to 2×60 hp

Solar panelsUp to 1 kWh

Korkyra 650 in action

Unique multi-layer technology

Exceptional rigidity of the hull despite low weight

A high-perfomance hull with exceptional stiffness, high impact resistance and light weight using advanced multi layer rotomoulding technology.

Polyethylene is UV stable, resistant to environmental factors (low and high temperatures) and completely recyclable after use.


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