Golden Innovation: from cold Slovenia to hot Expo 2020 Dubai

The motorboat ROTO 450 is almost unsinkable, which makes it unique. It consists of several chambers. This ensures that it is seaworthy even if water gets into one of the chambers.

The innovative ROTO 450s motorboat will be presented at EXPO Dubai from 9-15 January 2022. The ROTO 450s is produced with rotational moulding technology. The boat is built entirely in one piece using innovative three-layer technology.

This multi-layered technology ensures ROTO 450s the exceptional rigidity of the hull despite its low weight, high capacity and low impact sensitivity. The material is UV stable. Maintenance is easy and inexpensive. Without engine, the boat weighs 210-230 kg. ROTO 450s is 2.50 m long and is available in 4 different colours.

Boat made for miltifunctional use

The ROTO 450s is ideal motorboat for those who are looking for a quality and affordable multi-purpose boat. Its innovative and unique design ensures excellent all-round usability. From daily trips on the sea, rivers or lakes, to a fishing boat, a service boat for marinas or a work boat for lifeguards.

ROTO 450s is available in Basic, Fishing, Family, Rescue and e-POWERED, versions, which differ in the range of accessories. In addition to the quality basic equipment, a wide range of additional accessories is also available. These include a specially designed 35 litre fuel tank, boat trailer, upholstery, bimini, ladder, A-bow with backrest and navigation light.

A motorboat that is friendly to nature

At the end of its lifetime, a ROTO 450s motorboat can be fully recycled and the recycled material can be used to make new products. For particularly eco-conscious customers, the ROTO 450s “Recycling” is also available. This version of the boat is made of 100% recycled polyethylene.

At company ROTO, we are proud to offer our customers innovative, sustainable and technologically advanced products that are friendly to the user and the environment.


ROTO 450s FISHING version made from recycled polyethylene.